What is a mic in headphones? Ultimate Guide!

We have usually heard headphones for listening music, but most headset comes with microphones to take over a call or record something. Mic in headphones is an essential feature, can be helpful in many ways.

There are different types of mics, and they don’t perform the same. It depends on the quality of the headphones and your use; some headsets are better than others.

This is a brief article about what is a mic in headphones and how it works.

Do you know the history of mics?

Headphones are very old. In the early years around the 1990s, headphones with a switchboard to transmit and tune into performances. In those times, also people have a desire to use headphones for personal use. Then Beyerdynamic came with the world’s first headphones for personal use.

In detail: -What is a mic in headphones?

Most headphones or earphones design is for mobile use in-line microphones. Some branded headphones have an extra cable for microphones. These microphones are called electret microphones.

The microphones in headphones or any devices are small as candy. But they have the power of dynamic frequency range of 30 Hz to 18 kHz. They are extremely energy efficient as they do not need an external amplifier due to their built-in capacitor.

Headsets with a neck mic or a pick-up mic have two pins to connect separately to a computer. With the new technology, headphones require a USB connection. Nowadays, headphones mics are for many purposes like calling, aviation, and many more communication purposes.

Most microphones in headphones use noise suppression to block all the surrounding noise. Just like you cancel out your online classes noise and watch Netflix instead. With the microphone, the earphones also have an in-line button mainly used for switching tracks and handling volume control. Wire headphone has these buttons on the wires, but wireless headphones have these buttons on ear cup or neck bend.

Features of In-line Microphones in Headphones.

Some features depend on the brands and model.

Standard features are listed down: –

  • Microphones capture sound from any direction.
  • It will not be suitable for sound recording.
  • Place your mic in a proper place to have the full benefit of it.

Do in-line microphones have problems?

Whether you see advantages or disadvantages, both depend on the brand and model of headphones and what device you are connecting. If you’re connecting iPhone headphones to an android device, then the in-line headphones will not work correctly. The microphone will likely work, but the volume button will not function properly.

So, please read the instructions on your headphones before attaching them to any device.

Various types of mics in headphones

There is a wide range of headphones available in the market. Some headphones have two earcups and an arm-attached microphone that support stereo sound, but it limits the perception of ambient noise. These headphones come with a neckband. Mobile phones and smartphones come with in-ear headphones and a microphone attached to the cable. These are single-ear cup headphones that allow a better perception of ambient noise. The microphone can directly connect to the in-ear headphones in this wireless headphone and with an arm varying dimension.

Can you connect the headset microphone to the telephone?

Yes, headphones with integrated microphones, you can connect to various devices, just like a telephone. It can be connected using wired or wireless technology. Many different types of plugs are used for wired connections. Headphones usually come with the same kind of plugs, like those are used to connect a typical telephone receiver to the telephone. Some regular plugs are RJ9 and RJ11.


Mic in headphones is for voice calls; it provides an ease to you while doing your work.

If you usually attend calls on headphones, I would prefer to buy a good pair of headphones to enjoy the best quality.

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