How to Increase Bass in Headphones?

How to Increase Bass in Headphones

Many people don’t know about the feature to increase Bass in the headphones and listen to music at normal frequency. And now and then, I come across this question about how to increase Bass in headphones, and I tell them to read my article, so here is the same advice for you.

In this article, I will tell you three simple ways to increase Bass in headphones. Not only the ways but also some DIY tricks to enhance the sound on your headphones.

Let’s get into the details.

What is Bass?

Increase Bass in Headphones

The Bass region contains the lowest sound in a song. The drums, bass guitars and electronic synth hits at the back of the song are the Bass.

Everyone is a sucker for good Bass; it gives an effective impact and depth on the sound quality of headphones. Weak Bass makes headphones sound low and dull. But over-strong Bass is also not good because it makes the headphones sound lacking in detail.

Can Bass boost damage headphones?

Yes, at some point, it can get damaged by boosting the Bass or playing it too loud. If the quality of the headphones is branded, then there are very few chances. The technology in these cans is designed to make it very difficult for an amplifier to damage the drivers.

Not only the headphones, but it has a risk to damage your ears too.

So, be safe!

Three simple ways to increase Bass in headphones

There are several ways to increase Bass in headphones. Although, the difference will undoubtedly be noticeable. So, if you want only bass-rich headphones, then go for particularly designed for good Bass. There are many!

Turning up the Bass on beats

If you are using beat bass audio software, then these are the given steps for you to follow: –

  1. Find the sound icon in the notification tray and right-click on it.
  2. Click on playback devices or sound settings in the context window, select it, and open up a sound window.
  3. Select your headphones and open properties.
  4. There will be a Tone controls tab in the properties window. There will be a Bass and Treble sliders option.
  5. Now, move the Bass slider up or as high as you want the sound to be.
  6. Click Apply and then OK.

Increasing the Bass on Headphones in Window 10

If you listen to music on your Windows 10 computer/laptop, you can easily access and change the driver settings. Those settings are available in stock audio drivers that come with Microsoft’s Windows 10.

Here are the steps: –

  1. Right-click on the speaker icon in your taskbar’s system tray; there is a playback device in the context menu.
  2. The sound window will open up.

(If your context menu doesn’t show playback device, chill, that is because you are using a different version of the system. Click on the open sound settings; the windows will open; scroll down and see a Sound Control Panel.

  1. Under the Playback tab in the sound window, you will see all your currently connected playback devices.
  2. Select the desired headphones from the list.
  3. Go to properties windows; in the properties window, go to the enhancement tab. Make sure that the Bass Boost checkbox is ticked.
  4. Click on the settings in the lower-right part of the window to check frequency and boost level for the bass booster for headphones.
  5. Choose your desired level, apply and click OK.

Bass enhancement on Realtek HD Audio

The bass enhancement settings exist in audio drivers from the manufacturers rather than Microsoft, such as Realtek HD Audio Drivers.

Follow the steps: –

  1. Follow the same steps mentioned above to open the sound settings and the properties windows.
  2. Under the Enhancement tab, there is an equalizer box.
  3. At the bottom part of the windows, change the sound effect by selecting Bass from the settings menu.
  4. Click apply.
  5. Click on the ellipses button next to the drop-down menu if you want to manually adjust the setting of the frequency.
  6. A small graphic EQ window will open, where you can use the sliders to boost the Bass.
  7. Click on OK and save the changes on all windows.

Some DIY tricks to enhance the sound on your headphones.

Add velour pads

If your headphones are inexpensive, there are chances the sound quality will not be that good and to enhance that; you can do the easiest modification and attach velour ear pads to your headphones. Velour pads will block the outside sound and will make the sound quality of your music good.

These velour pads are available online everywhere.

Make your headphones wireless using a Bluetooth device

You can make your headphones semi-wireless by using a Bluetooth-enabled device along with a Jabra Clipper.

You have to plug your headphones into the Jabra Clipper.

Make sure your headphones have been paired with the Bluetooth device.

Over-the-ear headphones by using twist ties

If you’re a person who listens to music while walking, jogging or cycling, then this DIY is for you. In this case, there are more chances for the headphones to stay in place.

You can do a simple modification in this place and add a simple twist tie to each bud to stay in place for long intervals.

For this process, make sure to twist each tie strongly as you can, carefully tying it to the back of your earbud that fits over your ear.

Create soundproof headphones by earplugs

Make a pair of in-ear headphones and a pair of foam earplugs.

Do it just by an easy step, squish the foam earplug into a pancake and then poke a mechanical pen to poke a hole through it so that sound can come out. Then push the earplug over the in-ear bud. Now, you can start using them.

Use these easy tips and tricks for listening to good music.


Use these techniques, and you will see the results you wanted! I know you got the answer to how to increase Bass in headphones.

You will do it!

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