How to hide earbuds? A detailed guide with 7 techniques

How to hide earbuds

All our days at work may not be interesting. Sometimes, we feel bored; we feel uninterested at work. We like to get relaxed. We might want to put on our earbuds and play some music or listen to some podcast or talk to our loved ones. But not all workplaces allow you use your earbuds while working. What is the solution, then? How should we hide earbuds when we are not allowed to use them?

The solution to this problem is to hide the earbuds. There are several ways to hide our earbuds while we are at work. By following some tips and tricks, we can use our earbuds for various purposes without getting into any trouble.

What is the need to hide earbuds?

Boring hours at the office make you low and reduce productivity, but you feel cheered and refreshing to start your work productively with a little enjoyment.

The main problem is, you’re not allowed to do it, but for your sake, you can hide your earphones for some time and do it.

Some effective ways to hide earbuds

Use wireless earbuds

Use wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds cannot be seen very easily. Connect them with your device by Bluetooth and cover them with your hair. Make sure that you choose the color of earbuds that matches the color of your hair. This way, we can hide earbuds at work.

If you are using wired earbuds, make sure you wear clothes having good room to cover your earbuds and wear clothes that are similar in color to your earbuds.

Use hairbands or Caps.

Suppose you cannot cover your earbuds with your hair. Try using hair bands or caps. These accessories help in covering the earbuds better than the hair. And don’t forget to match the colors.

There are also special hats, ear warmers which has the inbuilt space to hide your earbuds. These can be the best accessories to hide the wireless earbuds.

keep the volume low

Don’t use the earphones at high volume. Keep the volume as low as possible. Using them at a high volume affects your ears, and there can be chances that the sound can reach others and you get into trouble.

Ensure that your earphone doesn’t make any sound when the charge is low or when the mobile receives notifications.

Pay attention to the others.

Even if you are using earbuds, ensure that you pay attention to the surroundings. If you get too involved with whatever you are listening to and avoid interacting, paying attention to the people, it may seem a little weird to your co-workers, and it may raise doubts.

Set your volume at a moderate level. So that you can enjoy your music and also respond to people when they approach you.

Be in our normal posture.

We have the habit of humming along with the song and do little dancing with our legs and moving the body when we enjoy the songs we listen to. Try not to do any of those things. Try to control yourself from doing those things.

Especially when you are in a meeting or interacting with your co-workers, try to avoid using them. Because if accidentally or unknowingly, if you hum or dance along with the song. It may bring people’s attention towards you and may put you in trouble.

use invisible earbuds

Invisible earbuds are the best accessories to use. Along with the normal features, it provides better safety than the others.

These earbuds go with your skin color. It is not easily visible unless someone pays close attention to it. These are available in affordable prices ranges. This way, we can cover the earbuds.

Set playlists in advance

Instead of picking up your favorite songs, podcasts each time you listen, create a playlist. Please create a playlist of songs or podcasts before you are going to use the earbuds. This helps in continuing your work without breaks.


Can earbuds be tracked?

Yes, of course, they can be tracked. There are various applications available like finding my buds, find my, light blue, etc. With the help of these applications, you can identify and find your earbuds.

Ensure that the earbuds are charged and not switched off. Make sure that you know the area where you lost it; It cannot be tracked easily if you don’t know the area where you lost.

Final words

You can use the tips mentioned above to hide the earbuds. Make sure your company doesn’t penalize you or give serious punishments if you get caught.

If you are a music addict, if you can’t stay without music, better search for the companies which are okay with these things, work from home if you can, this is the best choice you can make.3

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