How to clean the headphone jack ? Extraordinary Guide!

How to clean the headphone jack

Frequently cleaning your headphone jack is necessary. When your phone or any device is kept uncovered in your bag or pocket, it catches dirt and lint. Dust on the Jack makes the headphones sound cracking, static and it skips music in between, And you may not be able to plug in your headphones. That is frustrating! Right?

Cleaning your headphones with paper clips and tape is the best way. All the dirt is removed without causing damage to Jack. You can also use cotton swabs for tough debris.

All the cleaning has to be done carefully so that it doesn’t damage Jack. Don’t try to poke your Jack with pointed objects; your headphones jack is fragile, and one mistake can harm the Jack.

How to clean the headphone jack?

With taped paperclip

Follow the steps:-

Step 1:- Take a paperclip, make it straight on one end. You can also use a toothpick or needle, but its pointed end can damage Jack’s interior.

Step 2:- Don’t use the paperclip directly; the metal can also scratch Jack’s interior. So, cover the paperclip’s end with tape.

Step 3:- Make sure the tape is stuck correctly and doesn’t come off while cleaning.

Step 4:- Now, it’s time to clean. Insert the tape inside the Jack and slightly rotate it in different positions. Don’t jam it over there; it will stick. The video will catch all the dirt.

With the help of compressed air

Step 1: -Compressed air cans can be available in any electronic store. This can is also used to clean computer parts, so you can find them in the shops where computer parts are sold. Don’t worry; the compressed air will not damage your Jack.

Step 2: -Keep the bottle close to the headphones jack. Some bottles come with thin nozzles which stick out of the can; they are best to point the tube directly at the Jack and focus the air towards the Jack.

Step 3: -Press the bottle from the top and release the air. Do this only two times, and all the dirt will vanish. Make sure all the earth is out of the hole.

Cleaning headphone jack with a cotton swab

Step 1: -You may have a cotton swab for cleaning your ears; if not, you can purchase it from any general store. Get cotton swabs with less fluffy cotton because thin ends work better to clean out dirt present inside the headphone jack.

Step 2: -Remove the cotton from one side of the swab. Make the other side of the tip a little pointed so that it can enter Jack.

Step 3: -Place the cotton swab closure to the Jack and gently brush the Jack.

Step 4: -Rub the tough debris with rubbing alcohol. Make sure you don’t overuse rubbing alcohol. Just coat it but don’t dip it and use it.

Rubbing alcohol can corrode the metal, so use it sparingly.

Step 4: -Dry out the Jack with a clean swab. The alcohol will automatically dry up, but to remove the moisture, put a clean swab inside the Jack, then wait for a moment and twist it to collect the alcohol.

How to clean the Xbox one controller headphone jack?

If you see debris or dust on the connector, you can clean it with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

You can use the other methods mentioned above, but the most effective one will be rubbing alcohol.

Reasons your headphone jack is catching dirt.

Most people think their phone case can protect it from all the dust, but it’s not for Jack because it’s open and can easily catch dust and debris.

You may not be cleaning your Jack regularly. Of course, who has this much time! But if I tell you what problems occur, if your headphone jack is not cleaned, you will clean it regularly.

Some of the common issues that make problems in your phone due to dirty headphone jack are: –

  • Audio problems: -Dirty headphone jack can cause audio issues that make the sound static or muffled, and sometimes only one ear headphone works. This is due to the dirt and oxidants that prevent the headphone plug from establishing a proper connection.
  • Make headphone jack lose: -Dirt present in the Jack clogs the area inside, which causes headphones not to fit inside correctly. This will make you reconnect your earphones again and again, especially when you’re traveling.
  • It may be stuck in headphone mode: -Your phone may show perpetual headphone mode even after disconnecting due to lint getting stuck inside the headphone jack.


Q1) How do I get the dirt out of my headphone jack?

Answer: –There are three simple ways I listed above also, i.e., through compressed air, cotton swabs, and taped paper clips. These are the easiest and can be used to clean all types of headphone jacks.

Q2) How do you clean a 3.5mm port?

Answer: –You need a unique tool for it, i.e., an interdental brush. You might be familiar with it if you had braces or dentures. It’s a type of brush that is used to clean tricky spaces in the mouth. You can clean the port with the help of this brush and rubbing alcohol.

But! Do it cautiously because it can harm your Jack.

As the brush is the same size as the Jack, it can clean it perfectly.

Follow the steps for magic: –

Step 1: -Pour the rubbing alcohol into a bowl/cup and dip the brush in it. Don’t over dip it, or else it will take time to dry the alcohol.

Step 2: -You will notice a bread of liquid stick inside the brush; tap or shake the meeting a little, so it doesn’t enter the Jack. You need just a moist of it on the brush to clean.

Step 3: -Now, clean it. Put the brush inside the Jack, turn on the meeting, start moving it up and down, and twist a little. Repeat the steps until your Jack is adequately cleaned.

Q3) How do I clean my iPhone headphone jack?

Answer: –The procedure is the same for every Jack; you can clean it by three methods. Choose the one which suits you best: –

  1. Compressed Air Method.
  2. With taped paper clips.
  3. With cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol.

All these procedures are mentioned in detail at the top.

Q4) How to clean the iPod touch headphone jack.

Answer:- There are three ways to clean out the headphone jack:-

Always turn off your device before doing the cleaning process safely.


Hope now you will not suffer and ask everyone how to clean the headphone jack.

I know you got your answer, and it will keep your phone safe from all the above-mentioned issues.

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