6 Unique Steps on How To Clean Beats Headphones?

How to Clean Beats Headphones

Ready to go for a run? Or want to watch a movie? Or play some video game? – headphones are a must. We use them at home; we use them at work; we use them at the gym. They became a part of our everyday life. Headphones can absorb dirt from our bodies and our surroundings. If the headphones are not taken care of and left uncleaned, dirt, dust can get accumulated on the headphones, and also it can smell awful because of the sweat, oil that remained on it. So, it is necessary to take care of the headphones and know how to clean beats headphones.

To make the headphones look better and provide the best listening experience, a detailed step-by-step guide is provided on cleaning the beats headphones.

How to Clean Beats Headphones?

Remove Ear Pads

Before cleaning the headphone, take off the ear pads. Take a smooth cloth and soak it a little in water.

Now, clean the exterior parts of the headphones with the cloth. Use a paper towel to wipe the dry area of the headphones and let them air dry.

Clean Ear Pads

Take a small cloth and dampen it with a sanitizer or rubbing alcohol. Rub the ear pads with cloth all over it. There can be tiny areas without getting cleaned. Use small cotton buds and soak them a little in rubbing alcohol or sanitizer, and now clean those tiny areas too. In this way, we can clean beats headphone cushions.

Pat some rubbing alcohol/hand sanitizer

Apply some rubbing alcohol on the headphone mesh surface. Rub the headphone mesh surface gently using a smooth cloth that is applied with sanitizer or alcohol.

Bacteria can form on the headphones if it is kept uncleaned. So, by applying alcohol/sanitizer, you can kill the bacteria on the headphones, and you can prevent the bacteria by regularly cleaning the headphones.

Air-dry the ear pads

After cleaning the headphones and the ear pads, leave them aside and let them dry.

Remove the sweat stink

We use headphones while we run, while we gym, etc. Because of this, the sweat that is produced by our body can get stuck to the headphones. As we use it constantly, the dirt on our body can get absorbed by the headphones. This makes the headphones smell very bad, and we need to clean beats headphones to avoid the smell.

To get rid of the sweat smell, use silica gel packets. Put the silica gel packets in the ear cups of the headphone. These silica gel packets can mitigate the smell coming from headphones.

If you can still get rid of the smell even by using silica gel packets, it is better to replace the older ear pads with the newer ones. Buying new ear pads can be expensive sometimes. You can use third-party replacements if you don’t want to spend money on expensive ear pads.

Clean your ears regularly

It is normal to have ear wax in our ear canals. Ear wax protects the ears from the outside dust, outside particles. However, as we involve in many physical activities, the oil and sweat on the body and the dust from outside can enter the ear canal.

Unless we clean our ears regularly, these materials can form too much ear wax inside our ears. To have the ultimate listening experience, it is essential to clean our ears regularly. You can use Debrox to clean the ears.

Although all the beat headphones are similar, special care has to be taken to clean white beats headphones. When the dirt from outside and sweat, oil from our body accumulates on the headphones, they quickly lose their shining and looks.


1. Will sweat ruin my beats headphones?

Yes, too much sweat can damage beats headphones. Beats are not sweat-resistant. If you use them while working out, the sweat can damage the beats headphones. So, it is advised not to use beats while working out or while doing physical exercises.

2. Can you clean your beats headphones with alcohol?

Though alcohol helps clean your beats headphones, if we use it repeatedly, it can make the headphones look dull and damage the color of the headphones.

It is suggested to use Clorox wipes. This can effectively remove the light smell and stains on the headphones.

3. Does Apple replace beats cushions?

Yes, Apple can replace your beat cushions, but it can be expensive. It is advised to use third-party replacements to fix your beat headphones at an affordable price.

Final Words

Headphones have become one of the essential accessories that we use in our day-to-day life.

We use them to watch movies, listen to music, play games, etc. They can become dirty and smelly if we avoid taking care of them. Therefore it is essential to clean beats headphones regularly.

We can get the ultimate listening experience only when the headphones are dirt-free and free of sweat, smell, stains, etc. This step-by-step guide helps clean the smell and stains on the headphones, making them look better and providing the ultimate experience.

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