6 Steps on How to activate aptx HD on your smartphone?

How to Activate aptX HD on your smartphone

Over the past few years, people have been using wireless Bluetooth headphones. But the problem is, wireless Bluetooth headphones cannot offer similar audio quality as wired headphones.

To overcome this problem, Bluetooth Audio Codecs are introduced. These Audio Codecs helps Bluetooth Headphones in producing the best Audio Quality. aptX HD is one of the best Audio Codecs used in smartphones.

Detailed information on ‘How to Activate aptX HD on your smartphone‘ is given below:

What are Audio Codecs?

Wireless headphones have become one of the standard accessories in our day-to-day life. These wireless headphones use Bluetooth to perform their operations. When you listen to music or play games over Bluetooth, your source device(mobile,pc, etc.) uses Audio Codecs. The quality of the audio you listen to depends on these Audio Codecs.

These Bluetooth codecs compress data from the source device, perform wireless transmission, and decompress the data on the headphones.

Some of the Audio Codecs are:

  • aptX
  • aptX HD
  • AAC
  • SBC
  • LDAC
  • LHDC
  • LH3

Almost all Bluetooth devices have SBC. It is the most commonly used Audio Codec. It supports a maximum bit rate of 320kbps. When this Audio codec is used in Bluetooth devices, It caused a heavy loss in audio resolution. This resulted in poor audio quality.

aptX HD

To overcome this problem, Qualcomm introduced aptX and aptX HD. aptX HD supports 24-bit audio data with a maximum transfer rate of 576kbps. This can prevent loss in audio resolution to a reasonable extent and thus help Bluetooth devices produce high-quality Audio Output.

To use aptX HD Codec, you have to make sure that both Bluetooth and Source devices support aptX HD Codec.

How to Activate aptX HD on your smartphone?

How to Activate aptX HD on your smartphone

By default, in most of the devices, the Audio Codec is set to SBC by the operating system. In some cases, the operating system chooses the best available Audio Codec on the device.

You can activate aptX HD on your Smartphones by following the below-given process:

  • Open Settings on your device. Based on your device type, follow one of the below options.

About Phone -> Build Number About Device -> Build Number

About Device-> Software Information -> More -> Build Number

  •  Tap on the ‘Build Number’ option seven times. Once you are done tapping, you will receive a message notifying you that you are a developer.
  • Open settings again and scroll down; you will find ‘developer options.’
  • After opening’ developer options,’ select ‘Audio Codec.’
  •  Finally, you will be shown a list of Audio Codecs that supports your device.
  • Select ‘aptX HD’ from the given options.

Yay! aptX HD activated on your smartphone. Now, relax and enjoy the best quality Audio.


Which Phone has aptX HD?

Asus ROG Phone 3, Motorola Moto Z2 Force, Motorola Moto Z3 + Z3 Play, Motorola Moto G100 and G50, Motorola Moto X4, Nokia 8.3, Nokia X10, Nokia X20, OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 8, and 8 Pro, OnePlus 8T, OnePlus Nord, Nord N10 and N100.

Does the iPhone support aptX HD?

No, iPhone doesn’t support aptX HD. AptX HD is supported in almost all Android devices. It is one of the best Audio codecs available at present. iPhone supports AAC, ALAC, WAV.

Does Windows 10 support aptX HD?

No, Windows 10 cannot support aptX HD. But, Windows 10 can support aptX, SBC.

Is AAC or aptX better?

AAC utilizes more processing power than SBC or aptX. Psychoacoustic modeling is used in AAC to transmit the data. Though the performance is excellent, the energy efficiency is low. Whereas in aptX, the performance is relatively low than AAC, but the energy efficiency is high. AAC is more suitable for ios devices, while aptX works better with Android devices.

Does Bluetooth 5.0 have aptX HD?

Yes, Bluetooth 5.0 has aptX HD. And Bluetooth 5.0 has come with unique features. Both headphones and your source device can run longer on a single charge when

They are connected with Bluetooth 5.0. It also has a ‘Dual Audio Function’ feature. With this, you can simultaneously play music on two devices. With these Bluetooth features plus aptX HD codec on their devices, users can have the ultimate listening experience.

Final Words

Though wired headphones give you the best audio quality, sometimes it makes us uncomfortable with their long wires. Wireless headphones provide the utmost comfort. It is easy and comfortable to use. But wireless headphones cannot produce audio quality as good as wired headphones.

Thanks to aptX HD codec. By activating aptX HD audio codec on your smartphone, you can now experience wired headphones’ almost similar audio quality in wireless headphones. With the help of aptX HD, wireless headphones can also offer the best audio quality and leaves their users with the ultimate listening experience.

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