How to reduce ear pain from headphones – Complete Guide!

ear pain from headphones

People usually prefer wireless and invisible earbuds to wires because it makes it easy and enjoyable for a person to experience personal audience directly to their ears. Nowadays, electronics have become an everyday part of our lives and have exceptional growth in youth and adults.

Properly wear your earphones, take a well-fit earphone, and don’t overuse it; these are the precautions you have to take before wearing your earphones. Because it is well said, precaution is better than cure.

Let’s know in detail: –

  • Reasons for ear pain.
  • How to stop ear pain?
  • The correct way to wear earphones?
  • Home remedies for ear pain in adults.
  • Best practices to avoid ear pain while wearing earphones

Reasons for ear pain from headphones:-

  1. Due to certain environmental conditions, especially when the air is dry, it is very common to experience a static electric discharge, which occurs when your ear will contact an object. This cause is very small, and there is nothing to worry about it; it’s a natural occurrence.
  2. One reason can be choosing the wrong set of earphones which doesn’t fit your ears. A bad fit of earphones can damage your ears. So, change it! Like wearing very tight earphones can put a lot of pressure on your outer ear, which can over squeeze the sensitive outer cartilage, causing discomfort. Don’t get trapped in the one-size-fits-all trap and wear it only if it’s comfortable because it will be painful after a point in time.
  3. How you wear your earphones? Wearing it in the wrong way can be a big problem. Earphones inserted too much inside your earphones rather than resting on the outer part don’t carry noise risk. Still, they can also cause pain, ear infections, and allergic reactions caused by bringing bacteria to your internal ear.
  4. Are you wearing your earphones too tight or for long durations? If yes, then stop doing it from now can cause scratches on your skin, leading to itchiness, bleeding, and discomfort.
  5. The material quality of the earbud: – Some earbud materials do not suit sensitive skin, and there are chemicals applied to the material, which can lead to allergies and create complications.
  6. Do you like hearing loud music? The main reason for pain in your ears is excess noise streaming through your devices directly into your ears. High volume levels above 85 decibels can be dangerous and can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. It can cause pain or tinnitus, i.e., noises like humming, buzzing, or ringing in your ears.

Change these few things, and you will not face any type of pain and infection.

How to stop ear pain from headphones :-

You tried many things, and you are not getting results!

Switch to different sets of earphones; changing earphones might bring magic and fits perfectly.

  • Use traditional padded headphones: –

Padded headphones with wire or headbands are very comfortable and do not cause pain in your ears. The listening experience of these earphones is the same as the airports or earbuds. Regular wearing of padded headphones will not hurt your ears.

  • Noise-canceling headphones: –

Yes, noise-canceling headphones can be pain-free. Normal headphones create a pressurized feeling inside your ears due to the outside noise and can hurt your ears.

The best and correct way to wear earphones: –

  1. Plug into your device.
  2. Check the right and left labels on the ear cups.
  3. Insert the earbud: –

Pull your earlobe down slightly and gently insert the bud into your ear before turning the long side down to sit alongside your earlobe.

The earbud should create a gentle seal between your ear and your ear canal. Earbuds are not meant to be worn deep inside your ears, so do not insert the earbud into your actual ear canal.


Keep the padded material on your ears softly, and do not put pressure on it.

  1. Try different sizes of earbuds to get a perfect fit for yourself.

Home Remedies for Ear Pain in Adults: –

Pain relievers:

There are many ear pain relief medicines like ibuprofen and acetaminophen, which can cure your ear pain and ear infection problems.

But before taking these medicines, consult your doctors about it.

Many types of over-the-counter pain relief medicines are effective. It’s unsafe for children under the age of 16.

They are safe to use with or without antibiotics but follow the medication instructions given on the label. These medicines can also help lower fever.

Use of olive oil: 

This is a very effective method for children also!

This is an ancient remedy to cure ear pain, but there is no scientific evidence to prove that this method works. But putting few drops of warm olive oil is safe for ears and can be effective.

Consult your doctor before trying this method. And make sure to check if the oil is not warmer than your body temperature by the thermometer. This will help you avoid burning your eardrum.

Use of warm and cold compresses: –

This is best for both children and adults!

People often use warm compresses or ice packs for any swelling or pain in their body parts.

Yes, a heating pad or a damp washcloth can easily relieve pain. The best thing is, it is very safe to use for both children and adults.

You just have to place the ice pack or warm heating pad on your ears, keep it for 10 minutes, and remove it. Just use one compress.

And you are here with pain-free ears! Yeah!

Sleeping without putting pressure on your ears: –

Don’t wear earphones while sleeping! It put a lot of pressure on your ears which causes ear pain.

If you have any type of ear infection or pain, don’t keep that side of your ear on the pillow. Sleep with the infected ear raised instead of having faced down the pillow. This can help the ear drain better.

Sleep with extra and soft pillows, which will help your ear drain faster.

Naturopathic Drops: –

These drops are made from natural herbal extracts. These drops contain herbal extract in a base of olive oil and are even more effective. This is a traditional OTC ear drop.

Neck exercises: –

Neck exercises are best to reduce ear pain.

Earaches are also caused by pressure in the inner ear canal, and neck exercises are very effective.

Here are the steps to do neck exercises: –

  • Sit straight with proper back posture and both feet flat on the ground.
  • Slowly rotate your neck to your right until it is parallel to your shoulders.
  • Now rotate your neck in the other direction in the same way.
  • Next exercise, raise your shoulders high as if you are trying to cover your ears with your shoulders.
  • Do all the movement very slowly and do not rush; it can hurt your neck then. Hold them gently and stretch for a count to five.
  • Then relax your shoulders.
  • Repeat this often thought the day.

Ginger: –

Ginger has a natural anti-inflammatory property that can work best for earaches. Do not apply it directly to your ears.

Apply ginger juice, or strained oil warmed with ginger in it.

Garlic: –

Garlic has both pain-relieving and antibiotic properties.

Method: –

Soak crushed garlic for several minutes in warm sesame oil or olive oil, then strain the oil out and apply the oil into your ears.

Hydrogen peroxide: –

It has been used as a natural remedy for several years. You just have to place few drops of hydrogen peroxide into your infected ear and sit for few minutes before letting it drain into the sink. Then, rinse your ear with clean distilled water.

See the magic!

Best practices to avoid ear pain while wearing it: –

As I have already said, precaution is better than cure!

  • Clean your devices with a dry, non-abrasive, lint-free cloth.
  • Keep the volume at 60% or less than the maximum level.
  • Avoid wearing your earphones or headphones for hours; take frequent breaks in between.
  • Set your headphones softly on your ears, don’t put pressure on them.
  • Schedule timely ear checkups, including curb wax buildup and professional cleanings.
  • Ear pains also occur due to low-quality earbud material, so check it before purchasing.
  • Do not sleep while wearing earphones; it put pressure on your earphones.


Do follow the guidelines mentioned above to avoid earaches. Go to the doctor regularly for ear checkups.

Hope you got a good knowledge about how to reduce ear pain from the headphone.

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