3 Best Ways on How to charge a Bluetooth headset without a charger?

charge a Bluetooth headset without a charger

Oh! That may sound like a tricky question, but it is not. Bluetooth headphones are very entertaining; you can easily go anywhere without carrying your device. All you need to know is how to charge a Bluetooth headset without a charger.

Without a charger, you can charge your Bluetooth headphones easily by an alternate charger that fits in or by laptop Or power bank.

Bluetooth headphones have the most benefit because you have varieties of items that have Bluetooth facilities. So, you can easily charge your headset without roaming here and there.

Here is a truth bomb for the question of how to charge Bluetooth headphones without a charger.

A detailed guide to it.

How to charge a Bluetooth headset without a charger.

Nowadays, with the growing technology, we have got devices which don’t drain their charge frequently. But still, in case you have drained it and don’t have your charger, there are ways to solve your problem.

Some headsets come with a USB port that can fit in any charger, and you can charge your device easily, but some headsets only fit a type of port.

As per your charger needs, you can go with these simple methods to charge your Bluetooth headphones.

Let’s discuss it in detail: –

Charging your Bluetooth headphones using a laptop: –

Charging your Bluetooth headphones using a laptop

You can easily charge your headphones battery with a laptop, and this process is faster than others. Even if your laptop has 10-20% battery, your headphones can be charged enough.

Plus point you can use your headphones and laptop at the same time while charging.

All you need is a USB cable that fits the headphones and the laptop so that while in the meeting or anytime, you can get your headphones charged.

A standard USB cable length is 3.5mm, and if your headphones require a unique USB, it won’t be easy to connect them to any other device because it will have a unique charger.

Now headphones come with an indicator that says the charging is full; you do not have to check again and again and carry your headset easily everywhere.

Through USB cable connection: –

A Universal Serial Bus port can be used to connect any device. It doesn’t depend if your device is compatibles with a specific USB connection or not. The reason is that it has much power.

A cable that’s both ends has a USB cable that can charge your Bluetooth headset. Cable sets are common and can easily use for any electronic device.

But you can only charge your headset if you have a USB port in it.

If you’re especially buying a new one, then make sure to check it with your headphones so that it can fit properly.

With power bank: –

If you want to charge your headset with a power bank, you need a USB port with connections on both ends with that power bank. If you’re taking it on a trip, then charge your power bank fully so that you can use your Bluetooth headset for future purposes.

I come across this question now and then: –

How do you charge Bluetooth wireless headphones?

Is this that confusing question?

Let’s dig a little deep about it.

It depends on what type of Bluetooth headphones you have.

There are two types of Bluetooth headphones:-

With a unique charger and USB cable.

These headsets cannot be charged with any other electronic device because it has a unique USB port with a different charger.

With a common USB port and charger.

Just like wired Bluetooth headphones, you can charge wireless Bluetooth headphones with a USB cable on your laptop, with a power bank, or any other charging device that suits the headset.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones get power from their inbuilt rechargeable battery.

They don’t last for a long time; it requires charging simultaneously.

Now you’re in doubt, how to charge Bluetooth earphones?

Just like the wireless Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth earphones come in a box that needs to be charged. It will have a unique USB cable that can be only charged by a single charger or with a common one that can be charged with any device successfully.


Q1) Can any charger charge headphones?

Answer: –It depends on the brand and what type of Bluetooth headphones you have. In most headphones, you can easily charge it with any charger.

Q2) Can I use my phone charger to charge my Bluetooth headphones?

Answer: –Yes, definitely you can use your phone charger. Mobile charger’s USB cable is made to the USB standard and can handle the need of a headphone.

Q3) Do Bluetooth headsets need a charger?

Answer: –Yes, every device requires a charge to work well and long. Either be wired or wireless.

Q4) Why do my Bluetooth headphones die so fast?

Answer: –Most Bluetooth earbuds last for about 4-6 hours, whereas Bluetooth headsets can last for 6-12 hours. A good quality premium headset can last even a long.

Your Bluetooth headphones die fast because your device may have many apps open, which drains the charging of the device.

And many factors can be the reason to drain your headsets battery die fast.


Hope you got your answer on how to charge Bluetooth headphones without a charger. There are many ways to solve this problem.

If your charger is damaged, so you’re using these, it will also work like a charm, otherwise using the original charger is best.

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